-Mountain View Whisman School District Board of Trustees

-Former Teacher, Attorney, Mediator, Active Volunteer, Mom

old With my son on the last day of Kindergarten
Commencement Day UC Berkeley!

What trustee work am I proudest of?

1. Rising Test Scores

– All of our schools score better year after year.

2. High Academic Standards for All

– We have rigorous standards for all of our students, a curriculum that prepares all students for college and career, and a knowledgable staff that helps them get there.

3. Continued Emphasis on the “Whole Child”

- Thanks to your generosity, our parcel tax and MV Education Foundation support art, music, drama, PE, sports, and counseling. We mix project-based learning with expert teaching.

4. Fiscal Responsibility

– We have kept our district fiscally sound AND added beautiful new buildings and a new track, thanks to the school bond YOU voted for.

With my experience, skills, and passion, I’m the one you want for this job.

Endorsers include:

Juan Aranda, Bruce Barsi, Laura Casas, Pearl Cheng, Jim Cochran, Kieran Gonsalves, Gay Krause, Grace Mah, John McAlister, Olga Melo, Joe Mitchner, Lucas Ramirez, Nan Recker, Mark Ruzon, Fiona Walter, and Eleanor Yick.

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(in alphabetical order):

Ellen is honored to be endorsed by the
Santa Clara County Democratic Party again this year.

Ellen is also honored to be endorsed by Evolve California.

Elected Officials and Other Dignitaries:

Lynn Alvarado

Mountain View Los Altos Trustee, [ret.]

Juan Aranda

Whisman and MVWSD Trustee, [ret.]

Sylvia Alvarez

Evergreen School District Trustee

Frank Biehl

East Side Union High School District Trustee

Stacey Brown

Campbell Union High School District Trustee

Laura Casas, Pearl Cheng, Patrick Ahrens

Foothill-DeAnza Community Colleges Board President, FHDA Trustee, and Prospective FHDA Trustee [as of 11/06/18]

Melissa Baten Caswell

Palo Alto School District Trustee

Jim Cochran

Former Mayor, City of Mountain View

Terry Godfrey

Palo Alto School District Trustee

Albert Gonzalez

Santa Clara School District Trustee

Anita Hermann

Sunnyvale School District Trustee

Mike Kasperzak

Former Mayor, City of Mountain View

Kathleen King

Member of the Santa Clara County Board of Education

Gustav Larsson

Vice Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

Bonnie Mace

Evergreen School District Trustee

Grace Mah

Member of the Santa Clara County Board of Education

Shelly Masur

Councilmember, City of Redwood City & An Original Castro DI Parent

John McAlister

Councilmember, City of Mountain View

Joe Mitchner

Mountain View Los Altos School District Trustee

Rosemary Sias Roquero

MVWSD Trustee, [ret.]

Claudia Rossi

Member of the Santa Clara County Board of Education

Susan Sweely

Mountain View Los Altos School District Trustee, [ret.]

Debbie Torok

Mountain View Los Altos School District Trustee

Camille Townsend

Palo Alto School District Trustee, [ret.]

Fiona Walter

Mountain View Los Altos School District Trustee

Cory Wolbach

Councilmember, City of Palo Alto

Rebecca Wright

Chief Business Officer, MVWSD, [ret.]

Eleanor Yick

Superintendent, Whisman and MVWSD, [ret.]

Delia Ybarra

Mountain View Los Altos School District Trustee, [ret.]


Bruce Barsi, Carmen Bryant, Azucena Castanon, Julie Cates (Strong Start Coalition), Nancy Cavagnaro, Jose Colon, Kate and Sam Comstock, Marilu Cuesta, Michelle and Greg De La Ossa, Marilu Delgado, Sherry Ernst (Teacher at Westwood/Washington Open Elementary School in Santa Clara Unified School District), Wendy Fleet (Leadership Mountain View 2003 classmate), Rosalia Gil, Kieren Gonsalves (Past Director of MVWSD Chess Tournament),Matt Grunewald, Ann Horillo, Claire, Gay Krause, Olga Melo, Phillip Lee, Cathy and Roy Mize, Sridevi and Raju Penmetcha, Paula Perez, Patti Rae, Lucas Ramirez (MV City Council Candidate and Environmental Planning Commission Commissioner), Diane Rolfe (Strong Start Coalition), Mark Ruzon (Director of MVWSD Chess Tournament), Jamil Shaikh, Steve Sherman (Longtime MVWSD Parcel Tax Chair [ret.]), Michelle Sherry (Child Development Professor, Chabot Community College [ret.]), Maria and John Shexnayder, Lewis and Nancy Singer, Janet Sloan, Beverly Smolich, Jim Stratton (an original Castro DI parent), Jeanny Tran, Maribel Virgen, Lisa Whitfield


1. Juan Aranda, retired trustee, Whisman School District and MVWSD

Ellen is highly qualified and experienced. Her dedication to MVWSD is superb. Ellen Wheeler has thus far converted into a must candidate in the MVWSD Board. A strong leader, a respected member of our community. We have both served on this Board, and her impact is tremendous. This new Board has been tested time and again and as the President she has led our community as we have expected. I gladly endorse her candidacy and feel honored in doing so.

2. Bruce Barsi, Challenge Team member and longtime community volunteer

Ellen is a tireless advocate for children and raising the quality of education in our community. Under her leadership, the Mountain View Whisman School District continues to lead the way with innovative and challenging programs to prepare students for a solid future.

3. Kieran Gonsalves, Founder of MVWSD Chess Tournament

I endorse Ellen Wheeler for re-election to MVWSD Board of Trustees. She has been a stalwart of public education and a champion of student enrichment programs including supporting the MVWSD Interschool Chess Tournament since its inception eleven years ago ! Go Ellen !! MVWSD is better off with you on the board !!!

4. Rebecca Wright (former CBO MVWSD) and Steve Sherman (longtime active parent at Theuerkauf and Crittenden Schools and still active today)

Of course! Steve & I will both be happy to support you for reelection! We are happy that you are planning to run again!

5. Michelle Sherry, Professor of Child Development, Chabot Community College

Ellen is an exemplary member of the board. Her work has demonstrated admirable advocacy and commitment to education. Ellen is much appreciated for her integrity, intelligence and continued diligent work. She is a model and mentor for many educators and concerned citizens.

6. Beverly Smolich, longtime parent leader at Monta Loma and Crittenden Schools

Bravo for running again! I will happily endorse you.

7. Julie Cates, local education volunteer

Ellen Wheeler is a strong advocate for children in Mountain View - Los Altos. We all benefit from her leadership in navigating education policy issues for the benefit of the communities. Yes, I happily endorse you.

8. Delia Ybarra, retired trustee, Mountain View-Los Altos School District and retired teacher

Yes, I endorse you. I am glad to say that you don't "holler" at your fellow board members!

9. Marilu Delgado, local education volunteer

You have a progressive track record of inspiring leadership that is inclusive, and strives for equity and excellence in education. The MVWSD has had an outstanding school board champion with you on "Board."

10. Lisa Whitfield, active parent at Theuerkauf and Crittenden Schools

We need you there now more than ever! Ellen Wheeler has my strongest support in her run for MVWSD School Board Trustee. I have known Ellen for seven years and have always found her views to be fair, well informed, and always putting our children's best interest first. I first met Ellen when she was a volunteer at Theuerkauf Elementary's morning chess club. I was surprised to find that Ellen did not have any children in attendance there, but she showed up every week just to support the program and its students. This is just one example of Ellen's interest in seeing children succeed across the whole district and in every school. At a time when the Board is busier than ever guiding the District through a number of facilities improvements, I cannot think of a better candidate for MVWSD School Board Trustee.

11. Nan Recker, longtime active parent volunteer at Bubb, Castro, and Graham Schools

Ellen has been a long and trusted advocate for all of the children in our elementary schools. I met Ellen in 2001 when we were both parents of children at Bubb Elementary School. I found her to be very professional even when faced with adversity. As president of the school board during a time of change, Ellen was a true leader, very professional, compassionate, and active in the community. She also volunteered her time to participate in the Ability Awareness Program at Bubb, where she lectured kids in the classroom and also worked in the Physical Therapy room. When I was PTA President at Castro Elementary, Ellen was instrumental in fostering the growth of PTA to include all parents at Castro. During this time period, there were 4 different programs being offered there, (our standard program, PACT, Dual Immersion and Special Education). Ellen attended every PTA meeting and acted as parliamentarian when needed. Ellen also attended every meeting of the MVWSEPTA (Mountain View Whisman Special Education PTA) and was instrumental in making sure that all of our voices were heard. Ellen has all the qualities of a true and compassionate leader! Please join me in endorsing Ellen Wheeler for the Mountain View Whisman school board.

12. Syliva Alvarez, Trustee, Evergreen School District (San Jose)

You have my endorsement. We both have had similar concerns and have been active in our communities. I am thankful for your leadership to improve the lives of Latino families.

13. Camille Townsend, Trustee, Palo Alto School District

Ellen Wheeler has my full support in her re-election to the school board. Ellen is inquisitive, seeks answers, and works to find consensus on matters so important to our students, their public education. She gives public education her all; her combined work on the school board, on the League of Women Voters, and on the Santa Clara County School Boards Association, also serves a greater good; she shares information across groups, and truly this is necessary for us to work in concert to benefit our students. It is with pleasure that I give my wholehearted endorsement to Ellen Wheeler.

14. Eleanor Yick, Retired Superintendent, Whisman and MVWSD

"Integrity, commitment, and availability" are key words to describe Ellen Wheeler's work ethic and her 12 years as a trustee of the MVWSD. As a former superintendent of the Whisman and, subsequent, Mountain View Whisman School Districts, I strongly support and endorse Ellen's campaign to serve another term as a trustee. In my years of working with Trustee Wheeler, I came to truly appreciate the analytical skill set she brings to problem solving, her thoroughness, her commitment to student learning, and her availability to meet with members of the community to discuss school issues. Trustee Wheeler has also been a steady presence in all the schools, forging vital relationships between the staff and the school board. As the longest serving member of the school board, she retains important district history, which can play an important role in decision-making.

15. Azucena Castanon, Marilu Cuesta, Rosalia Gil, Olga Melo, Paula Perez, and Maribel Virgen

Thanks Ellen!

     We are a group of parents from the MVWSD writing this letter to support Ellen Wheeler. We are actively involved or have previously belonged to different groups at various schools of the Mountain View Whisman School District during the past ten years. Just to name a few of these groups: DELAC, ELAC, PTA and school site councils. We strongly believe Ms. Wheeler should be re-elected to the School District Board since she has a positive proven track record addressing and solving community needs. Ms. Wheeler is an active listener and is a hands on person who goes far and beyond to solve problems in a fair and non-biased manner to benefit the majority of the students. Ellen Wheeler is always involved and is present during local schools and community events. She consistently listens to parents concerns and always does the necessary research to inform the parents with accurate information. Ms. Wheeler has always had the genuine professionalism to be inclusive of all her constituents regarding their concerns and opinions. On one occasion, Marilu Cuesta, wrote a letter to the MVWSD Board members including the Superintendent to ask about how the School District would support the students through the transition to "Common Core." Ms. Wheeler was the only one who quickly responded to her concern. Ms. Wheeler's long term experience within the school district and the community has equipped her with the information and knowledge about the educational system. Therefore, we strongly believe that she should be re-elected as a School Board Member. Azucena Castanon Marilu Cuesta Rosalia Gil Olga Melo Paula Perez Maribel Virgen

*These moms submitted their letter to the Mountain View Voice


Ellen was honored to be selected by her county-wide school board peers to be president of Santa Clara County School Boards Association this year (2018-2019)
Ellen with MVWSD Superintendent Ayinde Rudolph at the Santa Clara School Boards Association Fall 2017 Dinner, held at Graham Middle School.

Ellen attended another good Silicon Valley Leadership Group Annual Education Summit, this time featuring Former United States Secretary of Education, John B. King Jr. and his interviewer VP of NetApp Kathy Tyra.
Mr. King is now the President and
CEO of The Education Trust.

Ellen went to Sacramento to advocate for high quality early education in May 2018
Ellen taking out papers for re-election at the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters

Ellen and Former Superintendent Goldman getting ready to present awards in MVWSD Chess Tournament 2014.
Ellen came to see the First-Ever Walkathon at Theuerkauf
School and was invited to join the fun.

Ellen and Santa Clara County Board Member Grace Mah
in the California State Assembly Hall June 2014.
Ellen, Grace, and the Santa Clara County team with other
supporters of early childhood education in Sacramento June

Ellen with other League of Women Voters members when we
did our annual legislative interview of Assemblymember Rich Gordon.
Ellen chairs the League of Women Voters Education
Committee in Santa Clara County.

Ellen on a panel of female office holders for Hermanas (Latina
administrators) with Camille Townsend of Palo Alto School
Board, Grace Mah of SCCBOE, and Lisa Gonzales,
superintendent of Portola Valley School District.
Ellen joined other California School Board Association
members in Sacramento on July 10, 2014 to testify in front of
the State Board of Education.

Ellen at the Santa Clara County School Boards Association
annual spring dinner, with MVWSD trustee Bill Lambert,
retired MVWSD trustee Juan Aranda, Santa Clara Council Member Theresa O’Neil.
Ellen with the Santa Clara County contingent at the LWV
Convention in Dallas June 2014.

Ellen taking in the wisdom of New York Times columnist
Tom Friedman and others at the Next New World conference.
Ellen and Trustee Bill Lambert at the Next New World
Conference. Thank you to Trustee Chris Chiang for
arranging for tickets for us.

Ellen reading Yertle the Turtle to a class of kindergarters at
Monta Loma School during their annual “VIP Reading Day.”
Ellen petting the California Golden Bear in front of Governor
Jerry Brown’s office at the state capitol building during one of
her visits to Sacramento.

Ellen and Kathleen King (Executive Director of Healthier Kids)
at the 4th Annual Healthier Kids Symposium.
Ellen attending a meeting of State Senator Jerry Hill’s
education committee along with other school board members
and superintendents. (Sorry the photo is so fuzzy)

Ellen attending a meeting of the Kids in Common Vision Council
along with Julie Cates, education volunteer extraordinaire.
Ellen is a member of Artspiration, a county-wide
organization supporting the arts in schools.

I love this spooky photo of our previous board during our last
CSBA Convention together. At the next election Fiona Walter,
Ed Baily, and Steve Olson bowed out, which resulted in the
induction of 3 brand new board members in MVWSD in 2012:
Bill Lambert, Chris Chiang, and Steven Nelson. They joined
Phil Palmer and me in working with Superintendent Craig Goldman.
Ellen with Grace Mah and Margaret Capriles at the 2014
Project Cornerstone annual awards breakfast.
Online education leader Sal Khan generously works with MVWSD. Here he is at the College and Career Day 2014 at Crittenden.
Ellen at a monthly meeting of the Santa Clara County School Boards Association, seated next to colleague Camille Townsend, trustee in Palo Alto Unified School District.


Ellen testified before the State Board of Education in Sacramento on July 10, 2014 regarding implementation of the LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) in MVWSD.

   LCAPs describe in great detail how school districts are planning to use the money California gave them under the historic new LCFF (Local Control Funding Formula).

   Testifiers were allowed one minute to speak to the state board members. This video is a re-creation of Ellen's testimony from that day.

 Ellen was asked to be part of a video record of the 2014 Annual Summit of the Healthier Kids Foundation.

   Healthier Kids helps provide free and low cost health and dental care for low income children in Santa Clara County.

   Ellen has been an active participant in Healthier Kids (formerly called Healthy Kids) since its inception. Many thanks to all the others who have helped, too: Felix, Daniel, Dionisio, Marilu, Kathleen, and hundreds more.

Ellen participating in the League of Women Voters - Mountain View -Whisman Trustees Candidates - September 26, 2018. This program was aired on KMVT15 Community Media.


Send Email to Ellen:

Ellen spends lots of time going to education-related events and meeting people. Ellen reports these events to the MVWSD Board where they are published in the Board minutes. See these examples:

The League of Women Voters provides voting information during every election. Of particular interest to those following this race, the local League held the following Candidate Forum.

2014 League of Women Voters Candidates Forum
Mountain View High School Auditorium, 3535 Truman Avenue, Mountain View.

Co-sponsored by American Association of University Women Los Altos-Mountain View

Also see Smart Voter at

2018 League of Women Voters Candidates Forum

Election Day: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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